Because we can do this as Citroen specialists

Because we can do this as Citroen specialists

You love your Citroen nearly as much as you Citroen specialist Bexhill loves it…

Seriously, though, getting your Citroen servicing, maintenance and repairs can be costly.  Every marque has its idiosyncrasies and Citroens are certainly individual.

classic Citroen DS from Citroen specialist Bexhill
During if not before restoration

We have undertaken numerous restorations of classic Citroens and have seen the development of the range and models over nearly two decades now.

Because we can do this means that we have seen most if not all of the rare and troublesome issues that can arise  We want to make your Citroen ownership as painless as possible and as enjoyable as it can be.

Whilst mechanical set ups have become more mainstream in recent years, our deep knowledge of all things Citroen from CMS is only going to benefit you.  Especially if you are considering an alternative to the main dealer network, that is.  Our work is guaranteed, and we are VAT registered too, so you can bring your still-in-warranty car to us t maintain that warranty.

citroen DS by CMS bexhill
ready for a final polish

Does your present garage love your Citroen?  Whether you want your Citroen service, or full diagnostics on a fault, you are in safe hands with CMS.

We still maintain classic Citroens for a number of our customers.  If you want to discuss a restoration with us, we look forward to an in depth chat.  This work is supplementary to our main business, so a discussion is vital.

Anyway, because we can do all of this and because we are Citroen fanatics we can do this kind of thing too:Citroen Berlingo servicing by Citroen specialist Bexhill on Sea

See you soon?  Or use the contact form to get in touch or the one on the home page to request a call-back at a convenient time for you.

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