CMS prices

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We have yet to come across a customer who does not want value for money.  It comes down to a sense of fairness and transparency.

To cut to it, our labour rates are £45 per hour.  There is VAT charged on that.  We are doing pretty well for our customers as opposed to the national rates averages. 

However, when you combine good labour rates with experience and effectiveness, we like to think that you have a powerful combination.

Our standard charge for diagnostics is £25 plus the cost of labour time.  Again, we think that you will find this competitive.  That said, diagnostics are just an indication and there can be multiple factors which interconnect.  We love a bit of analysis and finding solutions though, so you are in good hands.

If you are thinking about using our services, why not give us as call or call in, or book in and we will get the job done.  Servicing and most repairs at quoted prices.  We always discuss any changes from envisaged work and additional charges before going ahead, with customers.