Classic Citroëns were innovative to the nth degree.  The Traction Avant, the DS, even mainstream hatchbacks like the GS, through to the BX, the motorised sofa that was the XM, and many more besides.  That said, the what is referred to as hydrolastic, or pneumatic, or hydraulic, but let’s just call it Citroën suspension, the see round corners headlights, and just the drop dead gorgeous lines set the marque apart.

Even the mainstream motors of the 80’s and 90’s are beginning to become sought after, and cherished.

We have worked and continue to work with owners in order to restore, refurbish, maintain and generally service and fettle their pride and joy.

Evidently, we have the day jobs, so we tend to work out to a plan with owners to give results by milestones and dates.  In other words we need to talk to get things set up.

This is where our appreciation of, and experience with the Citroën marque in particular come together.  Keeping classic Citroëns on the roads and saving the planet more unnecessary manufacturing pollution.

Do, please use the form provided, and let’s talk.

Classic Citroën catered for by arrangement