servicing for all makes, Citroëns old and new welcome too

We have reasonable charge rates we take care to remain competitive.  Find out more here, or use the link in the navigation bar, above. 

Combined with our experience and diagnostics we enjoy getting to the heart of things and helping owners keep the cost of motoring down, but the quality of the work done to stay high.

Did we mention that we do all modern marques as well as Citroën?  We did?  Good.  The same principles hold true though:

Citroen main dealer and pretty much all main dealer servicing prices are more costly than most high street options in general and way more costly than using CMS.  We are flexible on the parts we use, and recommend original equipment manufacturer mechanical parts, for the most part, but as long as it does not compromise safety, we can help you to evaluate your options.  

All that said, we have worked on numerous classic Citroëns and we still take on such work by arrangement as well as ongoing maintenance.  This is everything from an update, to a major rebuild.  The point about this is that our knowledge is both wide and deep.  Because we do this kind of thing, we can do many other things well.  Welding work for example.

We don’t do MOT’s on site.  We use a reliable and trusted company locally.   It is good to keep things local, after all.  We do all preparation work and evaluations, or pre-MOT services, if you prefer.

We are happy to talk things through with you to get the best solution.  You can bring your vehicle to us for funny noises and other strange goings on that you are not sure about.  We can then give you some idea of what we will need to investigate or repair.  If it differs from this we will get back to you to find out which way you want to go, once we are under the bonnet, so to speak.

It is common sense really.  That said, common sense can be in short supply.

Our reviews on Google back up what we are talking about here, so you can rely on getting what it says on the can.